Rails Reseed Gem

Recently I read an article by Nithin Bekal describing a nice rake task to setup which will allow you to test your seeds file and also give your projects a nice fresh start or clean point. I found this very useful and thought, I don’t really want to copy this code into every project, why not turn it into a gem. So I did.

And thus the Rails Reseed gem was born. Simply add it to your gemfile under the development group and you will now have access to a new rake command rake db:reseed which will drop the database, create a new database, run your migrations and run your seeds file.

It is very simple but extremely useful. You can check it out on rubygems or on github. Feel free to create an issue and request anything, suggestions or even make a PR with anything helpful.

Listen to the coder catchup podcast to get an early overview of the gem.