Hi there!

I thought I should put out an update on, my side project for storing/accessing/sharing client information for website logins, hosting accounts, domains, servers etc.

I have started working on redesiging the marketing site, while there is still a lot more work needed to it (looks horrible at the moment), but it is getting there with the limited free time I have (I know, that really isn’t an excuse)

It really is hard designing for yourself, no matter what I do it comes out looking horrible so I scrap it. I am sure I am not the only one. Anyway, I have been redesigning small parts of the site and so far I have updated the header and parts of the homepage. Soon I will complete the homepage and then the subsequent pages.

I have added in a status page as well, just incase anything happens. Checkout

I am also about to start working on some new additions to devbase, which are on my roadmap, these being:

Those are the ones on my immediate roadmap. I am still taking feedback on devbase, but so far it has all been positive.

That is it for now. If you haven’t tried yet, sign up now and give it a try, it won’t cost you a cent.