Side Project Update - August 2014

Hi there!

I have been busy launching a number of client websites and features to various web applications at my day job, as well as planning for my upcoming wedding, so working on my side projects has taken a little step back lately. But I still have had some time to work on as well as some new projects.

The application itself has become much more solid now in terms of usability. I am quite happy with where the app interface is at mostly. The clients section still requires a rework to use the new card style that is available in the other sections.

The one big thing that is lacking is the marketing site which in all honestly looks terrible and does not get the message across as to what does. In light of this I have quickly mocked up a rough new marketing site design in Sketch which I will start working on hopefully this month, otherwise next month. Here is a screenshot of the rough design for the marketing homepage: marketing rough

As you can see, it still needs work.


EmailSetupBuddy recieved a rewrite. While I had the rough bones of the app working I decided I wanted to start it from scratch, so I did, and gave myself a month to do so. I am about a week over in my estimated of where I wanted it to be but it is there. I haven’t spent a huge amount of time on it but it has come together quite nicely.

The three things I am focusong on right now with it is: - Completing the marketing copy and information - Finishing up the account/user management - Creating the guide copy.

Below is the current marketing site which is implemented in the application.

emailsetupbuddy marketing homepage

Another 2 projects…

I have another 2 projects on the boil as well, one which is about 90% ready to go as well as another one I just thought up the other day. Not sure if I will monetize any of those, but will be fun just to ship them. More information to come.


That is it for now, so basically my focus is on EmailSetupBuddy right now and then I will move my focus back onto for a little while, getting that all ready for a big push in terms of marketing it.