A New Development Beginning

I have sat on the fence for quite some time regarding JS MVC, but recently I have been looking to get into it more and I thought, why not focus on Ember.js, it looks pretty cool and tickled my fancy. Then during my day job, Angular was the choice. While I was still on the fence about Angularr, it kept making sense to me and after getting a run through Angular, it clicked with me and has become my choice.

This has really given me a lot of drive for learning Angular. I have believed for a couple of years now that having a light front-end that communicates with a back-end API of some sort, whether that back-end API be running Rails, Nodejs, Laravel or whatever serverside framework you prefer. It makes complete sense as you have this very flexible model to work with. Need a native app, no worries, want to change your front-end easily, no worries, whatever it may be, having this separation allows for a great deal of flexibility which is nice.

So my journey has already begun, watching plenty of videos, soaking them in like a sponge. Now to get my hands dirty.

I do have some thinking/toying to do with changing my workflow a bit, Grunt has been playing a large part, but I think using Yeoman will be the way to go from here on. It brings some great tools together, Bower and Grunt for example.

Time to get cracking!