2014 - the year that could be

It has been a very hot start to 2014, with absolute scorchers happening here on the Gold Coast. I cannot stand the heat, its always easy to get out of the cold, but always so difficult to get out of the heat. This has made it hard for me to work on some projects over the Chritmas break. So I have been doing a bit more gaming instead.

This year will hopefully be a big one like last year.

Projects to launch

I have a few projects I want to launch this year. In the first quarter of this year I have devbase.io and then another project that I cannot devulge any information about yet, but it is coming along really well.

The final project is Email Setup Buddy which I hope to launch in the first half of this year. This all depends on how quick I get devbase.io ready for launch into open beta.

Goals to achieve

This year I really want to achieve a few goals, these being: - Launch devbase.io
- Launch Email Setup Buddy
- Launch the secret project I discussed above
- Spend more time getting fit (this has really dropped off since I have barely been bodyboarding)
- Get back into the water and bodyboard some more
- Spend less time with technology, which also means I need to be more efficient

Getting married!

In September I will be getting married to my amazing fiance Courtney. The wedding is coming around really quick and it is a bit nerve racking at times. A lot for us to get sorted, whih aren’t really hard, its just that there are a lot of little things on the list. That list seems to keep growing when we think of more things.

I am looking forward to 2014 kicking off to be a great year and with only 2 days left of my holidays before heading back to work, it is time to get out of holiday mode and back into battle stations.