First Encounters of the Ghost Kind

So here I am, blogging away on a highly anticipated piece of software called Ghost. This is a project I backed on Kickstarter a while ago and have been so excited to try it out. It just seemed like a great platform to blog from.

Finally it has been released and I set it up on a Digital Ocean server, which wasn’t too hard. A little bit of reading up on how to do proxys in nginx, adding some software packages and then cloning the repo. I will write up a post about how I got it set up as the docs that are currently up are not the most helpful at this point in time. In saying that, so far the Ghost team have done an outstanding job.

Some issues

I have currently had one issue, which is deleting a post, there appears to be some SQL errors but this may be related to the mysql module and not directly with Ghost itself. I will continue to see what I can find out, but it very well could be a bug.

I will keep plugging away and will see what else I can find out.